Message of Principal

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Welcome to the Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute (PPI). I congratulate the faculty and staff of PPI for continuing over 25 years to uphold the highest standards in providing a quality technical education to our future generations. Students from every corner of the country admit here and study here in a learning friendly environment. PPI is working to develop skilled human capital. It provides valuable services to the nation by not only offering excellent knowledge, skills and attitude to its students but also incorporating into its curriculum a diverse range of extra-curriculum activities, which ensure that they emerge as well rounded young adults. This sets a wonderful example for all educational institutions in our country to emulate. Each year, PPI students continue to perform exceeding well in Diploma-in-Engineering examinations as a testament to the quality of education which they have received and it is a pleasure and joy to be associated with the institute and its management.

There have been initiatives made by the Ministry of Education through the Directorate of Technical Education to establish “Own institute web-site for the TVET institutes”. In order to survive, organizations in the private and public sectors would need to respond in a timely and flexible way to many changes, including technological change. This means that the organizational survival and growth would depend on its ability to cope with the external and internal requirement that these changes will demand. This implies that existing and new staff would need to acquire new knowledge, skills, attitudes and perspectives on a continual basis. The rapid and increasing advances in technology and in particular, information technology, have had an impact on all jobs and the way in which they are dominion. At all levels in most organizations, staffs are expected to be computer literate to some degree or be able to operate technology. It has been a reality that within the government offices, there is a great necessity of developing human resources in field of ICT. Government needs to utilize ICT systems and application to improve efficiency, transparency and quality of public services and processes.

The PPI has been mindful of these advances and has taken the initiatives in exploring and introducing new strategies and methods of learning to meet the changing needs of the environment and of its learners. Our faculty has received greater recognition as having skills which enable them to act as agents of change. Let me take this opportunity in wishing each and everyone of our success in your teaching endeavors. As the world becomes more interconnected and business becomes more complex and dynamic, indicate that there will be a crucial and demanding role for all of you in the coming years in ICT use. I wish you all a productive and meaningful learning program.